Smart Thermostats

Nigel Sladden’s are an independent installer of Smart Thermostats in Kent.  Stop thinking about your heating, have it warm when you get home and save when you are away.

Your phone automatically adjusts your heating using your location.  Smart thermostats makes sure that no energy is wasted, with the help of the Smartphone App it automatically knows how far you are away from your home and carefully reduces the temperature to an optimal level as soon as the last person has left home.  Also the hot water can be controlled by this device as an option.

It keeps in mind how to pre-warm the home most efficiently for your return. This can cut overall heating costs by an average of 30%,  that could be an approx. saving of £1000 in just 5 years.  It does not matter which type of heating you have or from which manufacturer – Smart Thermostats works with almost all systems: combi, system and heat-only boilers, conventional and condensing boilers and zoned systems.


Benefits of smart thermostat:


Location based heating via a mobile app

Hot water control (may require extension kit)

Weather forecast integration

Remote control via smartphone and Web

Temperature report

Learns of home thermal characteristics for predictive control.


For more information or a free estimate please call 01227 733794.